3 month payday loans Canada are an attractive option if you need money fast but aren’t eligible for personal loans.

This type of loan is more manageable compared to traditional payday loans. It’s because you have up to 90 days to pay, whereas you have to pay the other back in full on your next payday.

However, the longer term also makes the loan more expensive. Also, finding a lender that offers installment options for a longer period makes 3 month payday loans Canada hard to find.

How 3 Month Payday Loans Canada Work

Three-month payday loans work like your regular installment loan. First, you borrow the money and repay it, with the interest, after three months.

They normally range from $500 to $5000. However, some three-month payday loan providers can offer loans of up to $10,000.

3 month payday loans Canada are offered both in-store and online. Applying in-store means you can get the funds on your visit, while on the next business day for online applications.

How Much 3 Month Payday Loans Canada Cost

Short-term loans are expensive and three-month payday loans aren’t an exemption. Some of these installment loans have APRs that reach up to 400%!

But, this varies since some places put restrictions on how much a lender can charge for loans. In fact, your local lender may not even provide 3-month payday loans due to this restriction.

This is where online lenders come in. We offer 3 month payday loans Canada that run for a long 90 days and at a very affordable and reasonable rate.

Who is Eligible for 3 Month Payday Loans Canada?

Requirements can differ by lender. However, we typically require that you are:

  • at least 18 years old
  • a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • an active checking account holder
  • employed or have a second source of income

How to Find the Right 3 Month Payday Loans Canada

This mostly depends on your needs. But, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Does my lender provide online applications so I can get a loan from the comforts of my home? How long do I have to wait for my loan to be approved?
  2. Are there application fees involved? How much will my lender charge as interest for the amount I borrow?
  3. Who and how many get accepted. Will my lender accept my 3 month payday loans Canada application despite having bad credit? How many people with low credit scores have applied to them?
  4. Can I pay ahead of time (minus the penalties) so I can save on the cost of my loan? Can they offer flexible terms so I don’t end up being in debt?
  5. Processing time. How long does it take before I receive my funds? Can I use the money immediately after I receive it?

How to Apply for 3 Month Payday Loans Canada

Payday loans application is available online and in-store. In this case, online remains to be the more convenient choice.

When you apply with us, you’re assured that we conform to all the rules of the state of Canada. Our license is displayed on this website to prove our legitimacy.

Application and approval only take a few minutes. Here are a few documents we might ask from you:

  • a valid ID
  • a valid bank account number
  • proof of income

Why Apply 3 Month Payday Loans Canada with Us

Here are a few benefits of applying for three-month payday loans with our company:

3 Month Payday Loans Canada are Approved Quickly

Your loan will be approved in just minutes! You can then collect your funds by the next business day.

We Accept People with Bad Credit

Your three-month payday loan will still be approved despite a bad credit score because we don’t run credit checks. As long as you can pay, that’s fine with us.

Our 3 Month Payday Loans Canada are Available Online

You can apply for a three-month payday loan without even leaving your own house. Application has never been so easy!

Reputable Company

We made sure that we obey all government rules and policies. You can even check our terms and conditions to feel more secure.

How Repayment on 3 Month Payday Loans Canada Works

You’re already on the hook for payments upon getting your funds. Depending on the company, you can choose between bi-monthly, weekly, or even biweekly modes of payments.

These make 3 month payday loans Canada so flexible. And since you have lots of options, they don’t have the same legal restrictions compared to payday loans that are due in only 30 days.

Some lenders may sign you up for automatic repayments thru your bank account. On the other hand, others accept wire transfers, in-person repayments, or online manual repayments.